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Electronic Form Solution
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Bar code labeling Solution
Workflow Solution

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Instrumentation Gauge Solution

Report Printing Solution
Graphical modeling Solution
GIS mapping solution

Visio graphics solution
Industrial control SCADA &HMI Solution
BPM business process Solution

Industrial monitoring Solution
Flowchart and diagramming Solution
Organization Diagram Solution

Graphic editor Source Code
UML drawing editor Source Code
Map Diagramming Solution

Architectural Graphic Drawing Solution
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VC++ / Visual C++ Chart Graph Report Component Links

E-XD++ Diagrammer Library ships with a variety of pre-built dashboard gauges and controls, but dashboards and system monitoring solutions often require custom diagramming symbols to quickly and effectively convey multi-variable status information to end users. For example, a water tank in a manufacturing plant may need to physically appear on the diagram as it does in real life to give users an immediate visual cue of the piece of equipment on the screen, indicate the water level in the tank as an area that expands and collapses, and possibly even show other values like PH level or pressure by changing the color of the tank content. E-XD++ Diagrammer Library provides an extensible model for building new Diagrammer symbols that allows you to account for any status information you need to display. Building a new symbol is very similar to designing a new shape. E-XD++ Diagrammer Library also ships with a variety of graphical elements to aid in the symbol creation process. 

All the  new vc++ source codes of the following screen shots will be shipped with full edition of E-XD++ Enterprise Edition Suite:   

The UCanCode Dashboard  Gauge Shapes is a set of classes built to display numeric values in a graphical manner as part of E-XD++ applications.  The classes implement CObject that display a scale with regular markings and labels and they implement CObject that indicate a value on a scale. It is full Visual Studio .NET tested.

The objects can be customized and combined to present many different kinds of appearances.  In the real world, depending on the industry, such things are called meters, dials, or gauges.  Because there is so much customization that can be done, Gauge Classes does not provide any prebuilt instruments.  The GaugeDemo sample application, however, does define many such objects for various purposes and with various appearances and behaviors. For other like of Dashboard  Gauge Shapes, you can build it by yourself.

The Dashboard Gauge solution source code is an excellent kit. The most important properties are easily changed, and it is a snap to experiment with different looks. The consistent use of state indicators, numeric indicators and labels across gauge types makes it easy to present any information...

VC++ XML Read and Write Article: C++ Source Code  for Creating and Processing XML documents

Draw Rotate Text with GetTextExtent and SetTextAlign and ExtTextOut, VC++ Example

Create Multiple Language to MFC Extension DLL Toolkit with Resource only

Free Graphics and Free Meter, Free Dials with C/C++ Source Code, ActiveX Control, .NET

VC++ Article: Create Cursor, Display cursor, Convert bitmap to cursor, CreateIconIndirect, DeleteDC, SelectObject, ICONINFO

VC++ Example: Change the background color of a dialog, CDialog, OnCtlColor

VC++ Sample: Multiple Views layout of RepositionBars and DeferWindowPos with RecalcLayout and UpdateAllViews

HMI Led Contrl and Meter Control for C#

Visual Studio 2013

VC++ MFC Project Setting, Unicode, MBCS,_MBCS or _UNICODE, wWinMainCRTStartup

MFC Example: CreateFile and WriteFile with save memory dc to bitmap file

MATLAB Simulation Visualization Solution -- Full VC++ Source Codes

CXImage Library, PNG, Show, Pocket PC with VC++ Sample

Call JavaScript from Visual C++ and MFC, Article and Example

HMI & SCADA Designer and ProgressBar

C++ Chart Graph Library

OpenGL 3D Graph ActiveX Control

Direct2D Vector Graphics Rendering with Visual C++, MFC

E-XD++ GDI VC++ Drawing Example: Drawing Pie Progress Control Shape

C++ Barcode source codes with draw Code39 Code93 AND Code128A  Code128B with Code128C

MFC Sample Code: Load and Display PNG Image File

DXF File, Read and Draw, Import and View .NET and C++ Source Code

Graphics Library for WinCE, Draw Bitmap, Draw Gif, Draw Jpg with Win CE, Visual C++ Codes

MFC Example:Store and read with Ini file

Download Visual Assist

PID process control, Process Simulation, PLC Real Time, VC++ Source Code

MFC Example: CoInitializeEx and SHBrowseForFolder  with file folder browser

OLE DB Sample, Database, Atldbcli.h,CoInitialize, MoveNext Visual C++ Example

MFC MDI and SDI Example to create ruler scrollview and splitter

AutoCAD File Format, Read and Write drawing with Visual C++ Source Code

Visual C++ 2010

CListView Loading Images BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, WMF, ICO, and EMF Files

RegisterClipboardFormat with COleDropSource, CSharedFile to drag to word and excel Visual C Codes

Add Skin to your Visual C++ MFC application, download source codes

Create HTML Help and HTML help workshop with HtmlHelp VC++ MFC Example

Draw or Paint Spline Curve Line with VC++ Source Code

Draw Real - time data bar chart control MFC Source Codes

Spell Checker with VC++ Source Codes and CStringArray with TrimLeft, TrimRight and CompareNoCase CWaitCursor

VC++ Control: Spell Checker Control Source Code

VC++ Article: CTreeCtrl and GetRootItem, GetItemRect and GetNextItem with Printing Tree View and CreateBitmap

VC++ Article: DECLARE_SERIAL and IMPLEMENT_SERIAL and serialize data from or to disk

MFC Example: Docking CSizingControlBar Windows inside ActiveX Control with CFrameWnd and SetTimer

VC++ MFC Codes: Display Message Balloon Tip Window with SetWindowRgn and CreateRectRgn and CombineRgn

GDI+ Example:  Draw Curve ActiveX Control GraphicsPath and Graphics

.NET Article: Draw 2d and 3d text with GDI+, and Draw Shadow text and  Emboss text with Visual C++ Source Codes

VC++ Article: Draw Image Background and CScrollView text with bitmap brush and PreCreateWindow

Get file or folder time and set file or folder time, FindFirstFile and FindNextfile with  GetFileAttributes vc++ example

Visual C++ Example: Load DIB Bitmap File and Save Bitmap file and Convert dib to bitmap and rotate bitmap file


Visual C++ and MFC Appwizard: CMDIChildWnd with CenterWindow AfxGetMainWnd

VC++ Example: Return or Esc Key with EndDialog and OnSysCommand

MFC Example: Copy, Move and Delete files and rename directories,  SHFileOperation and CFileFind and FindFirstFile with FindNextFile

Visual Studio example and Visual Studio Tutorial and mfc tree control

CEdit-derived Hyper link control, so user can edit hyper links

MFC Library: Drawing Spline application with OpenGL with sample Source Code

HMI-SCADA Software from UCanCode Software

VC++ Code: Drag and Drop File in Dialog with WM_DROPFILES and WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN

VC++ Example: Add VBScript and JScript support in VC++ applications with Script ActiveX Control MSSCRIPT.OCX


MFC visualisation software: Create and draw Thumbnail View with CWinApp and CDocTemplate and CMultiDocTemplate

MFC Article: Create toolbar with SetButtons and SetButtonInfo and OnNotify

VC++ Article: PARSE AND write XML file with Microsoft MSXML 4 of C++ Wrapper

MFC Library Article: Create Database with SQL Server and ADO Stored Procedures

Open Souce VC++ Code  and MFC Code Site, VC++ FAQ Site and Tutorial Site

Hosting WPF Content in an VC++ MFC Application

Draw transparency  image file, Alpha Blending using GDI+ Sample

VC++ Example: Load or Save Dib Bitmap File, GetScrollPosition and FillRgn or CombineRgn and Create Cursor

MFC Example: Create Multiple Thread with CreateThread and CWinThread and SuspendThread and ResumeThread

VC++ Article: UnrealizeObject and SetBrushOrg or GetSystemMetrics with Pattern Brush

MFC GDI+ Sample: gdiplus.lib with GdiplusStartupInput and GdiplusStartup with GdiplusShutdown

CDialogBar, CBitmapButton in Dialog Bar, SubclassDlgItem and EnableDocking VC++ Example

VC++ MFC Example: Adding VBScript and JScript support in your C++ applications

Free VC++ MFC Grid Control with VC++ Source Code

MFC Source Code: WindowFromPoint and GetDlgItem or ScreenToClient

Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack: MFC Visual Studio Office 2007 Style Enhancements

VC++ Codes: BeginPaint and EndPaint, CPaintDC, CClientDC, GetDC and ReleaseDC

High-speed Charting Control, Real Time Chart, Data Visualization, C# Source Code

C# Example: Free Draw .NET GDI+ Gauge Control with Source Code

RichEdit Control in MFC CRichEditView and MSFTEDIT

MFC Example: Rows of CToolBar and CToolBarCtrl, with CalcDynamicLayout, with SetRows CBRS_ALIGN_TOP , CBRS_SIZE_DYNAMIC and FloatControlBar

CAM simulator Sample with VC++ MFC Source Code

HMI and SCADA LED Control

Play GIF, Load GIF, GIF Animate, with GDI+ Example

MFC Sample Code: TrackMouseEvent and GetCapture or SetCapture and ReleaseCapture and GetCursorPos

VC++ Article Draw Rotate / slant text strings SetWorldTransform

VC++ Printing Article with Printing Text and Printing Table, Printing Jpg and Gif and PCX

OpenGL printing and Print Preview with Visual C++

Graphics Drawing Tool by with C# Source Code

UML Diagram Component / Drawing C++ Source Code Solution from ucancode, it will save you 50% - 80% time for building any UML based application.

VC++ Demo: Drop down Combo Box in CTreeCtrl and CListCtrl

Store and read from XML File with .NET and C# framework, C++/MFC Example

Com Programming: Com Component, ATL Library, Com Interface, QueryInterface Example

C++ Property Grid Control

VC++ Controls: The Tree Control, CTreeCtrl Example

Indusoft - like HMI Software, SCADA System, OPC, Web Studio, Web SCADA, VC++ Source Code 2023

Free EMF to SVG File Convert Tool

DPtoLP and LPtoDP, CPrintInfo and GetDeviceName and DOCINFO with StartPage and EndPage, VC++ Printing

VC++ MFC Ruler Control with Source Code, AfxGetResourceHandle, LoadStandardCursor and RegisterWindowClass

Add Phthon in or into C++ Application with Visual C++ Article or Tutorial Source Code

Get Business Card / Label Print Component C++ Source Codes

UML Case Diagram, UML Sequence Diagram, VC + +/.NET visualization component library source code

VC++ Example Capture Print Screen to Clipboard including dropdown menu, SetWindowsHookEx and UnhookWindowsHookEx, with RegisterWindowMessage

VC++ GDI Example: GDI AlphaBlend  and Bitmap Alpha

VC++ Codes: GetRandomRgn  or MapWindowPoints or OffsetRgn, GetDCEx with GetClipBox, GetClipRgn and SelectClipRgn

Add proto - logic diagram displays to your Java, C++, and .NET applications, for the desktop and rich internet applications.

VC++ Tool: RTF-to-HTML Converter, Convert Rich Text to HTML Example

C# Article: Graph Draw and Layout Control Source Code

Printing ActiveX Controls, C++ Source Code

Visual C++ MFC Class Wizard

OPC Client, OPC Server and OPC Component in C++ Source Code

Visual C++ Sample: Resize dialog, Resize Property Sheet and Resize Property Page with CPropertySheet and CPropertyPage

Visual C++ Serial Data Communication, with Open Port, Close Port and Write, data tranmission, and read data

E-XD++ GDI VC++ Drawing Example: Draw Animate Line with CBrush


MFC Source Code: SQLPrepare and SQLAllocStmt with CDBException and SQL Query and ExecuteSQL

MS Chart Control with VC++

Create COM Object, Build COM Component, ATL Component with Visual C++

Real time software and HMI Software with Trend Chart VC++ Source Code

VC++ Code: Change the font of window with SetFont and EnumChildWindows and CreateIconFromResource

Screen Capture , to Clipboard, C++ Source Code, Get bitmap of Window

VC++ MFC Example: Create or show Progress Bar/Edit Control/Combobox Control/icon in a status bar

VC++ Converting ANSI to Unicode with _MSC_VER, MBCS, Multiple Byte

OPC, PLC, SCADA Component And Source Code

MFC Example Multiple monitor support with GetSystemMetrics EnumDisplayMonitors and GetMonitorInfo

Visual C++ Article: free image library with image viewer with CxImage and CListCtrl thumbnail images

VC++ Sample: ExtSelectClipRgn or IntersectClipRect, ExcludeClipRect and OffsetClipRgn or GetMetaRgn with InvalidateRect

Drawing Graphics with DirectDraw, Double Buffer Drawing with MFC

Create VC++ MFC Chart Control,  Drawing and Priint Bar Chart, Source Codes

VC++ Example: Draw or display Real-time data plot Chart

VC++ Example: SaveDC and RestoreDC, IsPrinting and GetSysColor

VC++ Source Code Example: Create TIFF File and Write Tiff file and Read Tiff file

Serial Port Communication, Read data from port Visual C++ Samples

.NET HMI & SCADA Solution.

3D Plot - Chart Graph ActiveX Control with OpenGL

MFC Example Retrieve color from desktop with CreateDC and GetCursorPos, GetPixel

LoadResource FindResource and LockResource, with UnlockResource or VC++ Sample

AfxGetStaticModuleState and LoadLibrary of GetProcAddress and FreeLibrary MFC ARTICLE with LOAD DLL

VC++ Codes: Draw text along line and draw rotate text

VC++ Article: Calculate the width of text with GetTextExtentPoint32, DT_CALCRECT and GetCharABCWidths

StatusBar in CDialog,  SetPaneText and CTime, GetCurrentTime with VC++ Sample

MFC Article: Creating Self-Extracted Executable file with open-source compression libraries

VC++ Example: Read font from file name, TTF Font name CFile and Open

VC++ Example: splitter control in dialog UpdateWindow GetWindowRect GetDlgItem

Here are some useful add-in related C++ Library links I've started collecting. This section is still very much under construction, and more links will be appearing in the future. If any C++ Library link dies, please contact me

First time here?

Product Tour
E-XD++ product walkthrough

Applications built on E-XD++

Product feature comparison

Powerful, flexible, and easy to use Diagram Components.
Powerful and flexible enough to create diagrams exactly the way you want them to appear. So easy to use that you will be able to prototype your application in just a few minutes.

Feature rich.
With features such as automatic layout, multiple layers, collapsible sub-graphs, snap-to connection points, XML, SVG, and more, E-XD++ Have the power and flexibility you need to create sophisticated diagrams, quickly and easily. Events such as click, double-click, hover, select, rubber-band select, copy, delete, resize and move are supported. Operations such as drag-and-drop, unlimited undo/redo, and clipboard operations are common and complex, and are expected by today's sophisticated users. it full supports importing ArcGis, SVG and DXF File format.

Performance and Scalability.
UCanCode E-XD++ Capable of handling many thousands of nodes and edges, up to hundreds of thousands depending upon the complexity of the nodes you wish to draw and the operations you wish to allow. Our graphical classes are extremely lightweight objects enabling outstanding performance.

Save Time and Money and gain Reliability.
A diagram is worth 1,000 words, and E-XD++ is shipped with more than 500,000 lines of well designed and well tested code! It is used by hundreds of the world's most quality conscious companies. It will saves you thousands of hours of complex coding and years of maintenance.


Outstanding productivity lowers project risk and reduces maintenance headaches. With 8 years of dedicated research and development, UCanCode leads the market for visualization technologies, providing outstanding customer support. with E-XD++ VC++ Code Library Enterprise you can easily build Visio 2003 like applications.

E-XD++ VC++ Code Library product supports both vector and raster graphics on the drawing surface. E-XD++ VC++ Code Library includes all the features of XD++ VC++ Code Library Professional Edition, it also includes many new important feature of Visio 2003 or Visio 2007.
The VC++ Code library core is built on our proprietary technology that enables us to implement such complicated and not-found-anywhere features like fully advanced User Interface and WYSIWYG design mode and much more.



The base framework of UCCDraw ActiveX Control is XD++ VC++ Code Library You can group objects together, include images and text, link them together and apply custom drawing effects to create charts similar to Microsoft Visio, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDRAW
VC++ Class Library

Produce class-level documentation by exporting the class hierarchy for each individual class as a graphics file. You can paste the graphics files into reports, system documentation, and even web pages.

 All of these classes fit seamlessly with VC++ Code, and inherit many of VC++ Code's existing classes. Easily give your application a new look in minutes!
By including a Month calendar control, a Year calendar  control. TFC/C++ makes it easy to incorporate robust calendar features in your program's interface today.    

3. ToolBox --- Backup an existing Microsoft Visual Studio Project. This tool help you backup an existing Microsoft Visual Studio Project, or C++ Project.
All these tools are free without any charge, if you want learn more about ToolBox or download a free copy,


VC++ Library Reference

Reference of the C++ Language Library, with detailed descriptions of its elements and examples on how to use its functions.

C/VC++ Reference

C++ Standard Template Library. About the Standard Template Library · Iterators · C++ Algorithms · C++ Vectors · C++ Double-Ended Queues · C++ Lists ...

Boost C++ Libraries

Provides a repository for free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. The emphasis is on libraries which work well with the C++ standard library.


GNU C++ Standard Library

Information, extensions, notes and advice on specific implementation capabilites and/or liabilities broken down into chapter names based on the C++ standard ...


Standard C++ Library Home Page

Standard C++ Library Home Page. Documentation for the Standard C++ Library has been divided into two volumes:. Volume 1: Data Structures and Algorithms, ...

Dinkumware, Ltd. - Compleat Libraries Reference - Dinkum Compleat ...

Table of Contents · Introduction · Standard C++ Library · Standard C Library .... Dinkumware's Standard C++ library is the only such library to score near ...

Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide

A freely available implementation of the C++ Standard Template Library, including hypertext documentation.


The C++ Virtual Library

The C++ section of the Programmer's Virtual Library. Contains links to documents, tutorials, and FAQs.

VC++ Standard Template Library

The Standard Template Library (STL) is a general-purpose C++ library of algorithms and data structures, originated by Alexander Stepanov and Meng Lee. ...

VC++ Libraries

Using GDI+ with MFC or native C/VC++

Date-Time Edit Control A simple mucancode.neted date-time editor. VC++ Article Source Code and GetWindowText

MFC Multiple Page Print preview Article and CPrintPreviewState, it with CPrintPreview and DoPrintPreview, LPDEVMODE and GetPrinterDeviceDefaults

Create MFC VC++ Static Library, UpdateData and LoadIcon

VC++ Sample: Convert EMF to WMF using GDI+

Introduction to GDI+ in .NET

MFC Article: Keep an Window Always on Top with WS_EX_TOPMOST and OnWindowPosChanged

GDI+ Font, Brush and Bitmap

GDI+ GraphicsPath and LinearGradientBrush

GDI+ Printing.

GDI+ and DrawArc and DrawPath

VC++ Example and Article: Drawing Double Buffering With GDI+

Day, week, month calendar control with vc++ source code,MS OutLook Look

Windows hook programming with VirtualProtect,SetWindowHookEx and beginthread

Converter Convert RTF to HTML with VC++ Source Codes, and RICHED32.DLL

GDI+ Color and ARGB with Example

MFC Sample: Display or Create Splash Screen, Show Transparent Bitmap with SetWindowRgn

MFC Sample: Add status bar to an MFC dialog, CStatusBar

MFC Source Code: Draw Text with GetCurrentFont, GetTextExtent and GetLogFont and MoveToEx

VC++ Example: Display GIF-animatE using GDI+ with BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, EMF, WMF, DrawImage

VC++ Ado Tutorial with VC++ Ado Sample and VC++ Ado Example

VC++ Sample: Create Shadow of bitmap, draw shadow with GDI, TransparentBlt, SetBitmapBits and GetBitmapBits or GetRValue, GetGValue and GetBValue

Full Screen with CWnd and Diagram Like Microsoft Visio 2007

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